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Making a difference in the world can sometimes seem like a job reserved for only the most heroic of us. The truth is, you really don’t need to be one of Marvel’s greatest superheroes to fix some of the world’s problems. So how can you get involved in helping out? Perdeby is happy you asked. Here are a few ways to volunteer at varsity.


TULIP (Tuks Leadership and Initiative programme)
TULIP is a UP society that wants to make the world a better place for underprivileged school students who need extra academic help. Their goal is to help underprivileged students from various schools in rural areas, get to, and through university. They are currently helping 400 grade 8-12 students by preparing them as academics, leaders, and financially savvy students through tutoring sessions and school visits every month. For more information, you can contact TULIP at or on their Facebook face.


The Mamelodi Initiative
The Mamelodi Initiative is another UP society that wants to help a little closer to home. Their goal is to help students get their high school certificates, with a special focus on girls. The Mamelodi Initiative knows that student volunteers are busy, so they have special programmes that take place during the holidays. You can sign up for any of the programmes that best suit your timetable at


Engineers Without Borders UP
Engineers Without Borders is a UP society that utilises engineering students to fulfil a range of community engagement projects. EWB UP has been involved in various projects in the country, some of which include rebuilding and redesigning sections of schools. Students can get involved by contacting Ayanda at


Enactus UP
Enactus is a global community of students and entrepreneurs that work together to address a variety of socio-economic issues in local communities. The projects are unique as they have an entrepreneurial focus. The aim of the programme is for communities to build successful businesses to address the most pressing issues that they face.  If you think you can come up with a great idea for a project to help your community or for more information you can contact


The HUB UP Chapter
The HUB UP Chapter is a new UP society that works with the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These goals range from eliminating hunger to creating sustainable cities and communities. You can contact them to join forces at, or check out their blog


The Department of Veterinary Sciences
The Department of Community Engagement falls under the Faculty of Veterinary Science at UP and they aim to make the animal world a better place.

Their goal is to involve students in various animal-related activities at different levels. Their programmes include professional community engagement and curricular engagement, which calls on all veterinary students to use their vet super powers to help out at various animal clinics and shelters, such as Makapanstad and Mamelodi Animal Health clinic. They also have extracurricular programmes that any brain (and most importantly, heart) can partake in, including visits to the Tshwane SPCA and Pretoria Zoo as volunteers. To get involved you can contact


If you maybe feel like doing something good but small after reading this article, there is a blanket drive currently running until 25 May. You can bring a blanket and help keep someone warm this winter by dropping off any blankets at Bookmark on the Hatfield Campus, Van Schaik bookstore or the Brooklyn police station.


Image: Marizanne Linde

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