You’ll also be performing at Lush Festival in Clarens. What can fans expect from your set?

We will do a good mix of older and newer songs and try to play the favourites so that most people will hopefully hear their favourite song. We really enjoy playing in SA and we’re really looking forward to all the festivals we are going to be doing this month. Lush is a new festival so we are excited and honoured to be a part of it. We expect it to be a great festival and a really good time.


You’ve released your newest album, Story of an Immigrant, on vinyl. Why did you decide to release the album on this medium?

We love to listen to music on vinyl. It’s such a great listening experience and we jumped at the opportunity to put out our record on vinyl. It’s still available on CD and online too, but vinyl provides a wonderful format for artwork and audio quality. We also did a coloured vinyl for Story of an Immigrant and it’s actually a double disk on the vinyl, so it really is a beautiful collectors’ piece. It just makes it extra special for people who are into vinyl and who end up getting the vinyl edition.


What is the band expecting for their short return to South Africa?

We are only doing festivals this time: Splashy, Lush, and Parklife in Cape Town. We expect all the shows to be a lot of fun. We are always overwhelmed by the love when we come back home to SA and, honestly, it’s one of our favourite places to play. It feels like playing for family when we play in SA and we are really eager to put on the best show we possibly can. We will give it our all and we hope that everyone coming out to see us really enjoys the show. We’ve done a lot of touring in the US over the past few years and have played with some great bands on some big stages, but nothing compares to coming home and playing for our home crowd in South Africa. South African audiences, for us, are just the best. The enthusiasm and energy we feel from the crowd is like few other places.


The concept behind the video for your single “Holy dove” seems quite interesting. Would you care to explain the inspiration behind it?

Yeah, we wanted to create a video where the spirit of the song was personified through dance. We found this great dancer in LA, Jade-Lorna Sullivan, who really did a splendid job with it. We wanted it to feel interesting and unique and invoke curiosity in the viewer. The concept is of us following this character through the streets of LA, never quite sure what’s going on. She seems to be oblivious to everyone around her and we’re not quite sure if anyone else can see her. The idea is that she sees and hears something that no one else does and that’s [what is] causing her to dance. Then, right at the end there’s a connection between her, the lyrics, and the singer of the song. It’s kind of abstract, but we liked the theme and the imagery it inspired.


In June, the band will be playing at Bonnaroo in Tennessee alongside names like Pearl Jam and Ellie Goulding. What do you expect from this experience?

We’ve played Bonnaroo once before and it really is a fantastic festival. It’s one of the biggest in the US and everyone is there, so it’s a huge honour for us to be included in the line-up. We love to go and watch the other bands and it’s a very inspiring time. We don’t take it for granted that we get to do what we do and play these kinds of shows and we try to just take it all in and be thankful for each opportunity.

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