With this in mind, the world’s first non-curated DIY guerrilla biennale (as it is referred to), asks citizens of Pretoria to launch their own creative projects around the city. Their website features a link to which you can submit your own creative project.

The biennale coincides with the Cape Town 2014 World Design Capital and the Durban Otherwhere 2014 conference of the International Union of Architects. However, Taljaard describes the event as different to the other two events in Cape Town and Durban. “This is not a Britannica Encyclopaedia approach where one person decides what goes through and what doesn’t, this is rather something like Wikipedia, where everybody’s contribution in the end will make something great,” she says.

Taljaard adds that Cool Capital aims to show that Pretoria, just like other cities, has a very big pool of creative talent, not only in the various creative industries themselves, but also among everyday people on the street who express creativity in their own unique way.

A no budget project, Cool Capital is web-based and information on various events taking place in Pretoria is available on their website’s calendar. The campaign runs from 29 August to 15 November 2014.

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