Skip to 2014 and the band have finally settled into the outfit of Fakude, Osner, Emile Smith (rhythm guitar) and Mulondi Lidzhade (vocals). Inspired mostly by female-lead rock, classic rock and metal bands, the group performs both original content, to which the entire band contributes, and covers of old favourites such as Guns N’ Roses.

2014 has also just seen Corona Rex perform at their first large-scale festival, Rocking 4 Rhinos. Rocking 4 Rhinos is an annual festival, now in its third year, that is hosted in Hoedspruit and aims to raise awareness and funds for anti-rhino poaching units and programs. This year’s festival included acts such as aKing, The Kiffness and Chris Chameleon.

Getting onto the line-up for Rocking 4 Rhinos was all a matter of connections for the band. “I was just talking to one of my friends and I told him we were about to play at this show and he said, ‘There’s this Rocking 4 Rhinos thing happening in September and I can get you in if you want to do it,’” says Fakude. An eager response and a quick chat to the band organisers of the festival later and Corona Rex had secured a slot.

The band performed without Smith, an engineering student, as the festival took place the weekend before engineering week. “Not having Emile there was tough, because it made the rhythm section a little difficult to manage, but we pulled off our best show,” said Fakude.

The band also felt that the audience response was amazing. “We had people singing and swaying, and we had approaches from those who appreciated our music afterwards. You could tell from the vibe of the people there that everyone was out to have a good time and meet people who wanted to enjoy good music and stand together for something great,” said Fakude.

Fakude added that “The highlight of it all was the whole weekend and getting to be a part of it, as it can be considered to be a young festival. It was also a specific highlight to get that cool VIP treatment because it’s awesome to meet and talk to other South African performers, such as the Kiffness, who put on a really good show on the Saturday night.”

Catch Corona Rex live at Firkin Pub, Centurion on 14 and 21 October and at Schivas Rock on 16 October.


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