Kenyan Society

The Kenyan Society is a social organisation that aims to unite Kenyans studying at the university. The society also invites other students to experience the Kenyan culture.

Pledge a Pad
Pledge a Pad is a non-profit organisation that collects sanitary towels and gives them to underprivileged women. Members of the society also educate female students about female hygiene.

The South African Institute for Industrial Engineering Tuks branch is a student organisation dedicated to a balanced student life experience for industrial engineering students.

Tuks Creative
Tuks Creative is a student organisation comprising mostly of education students. Members meet on a weekly basis to try and find new and exciting ways to enrich their lives and their classrooms.

Tuks UP and Out
An LGBTQI organisation, Up and Out, aims to raise awareness about various issues on campus relating to student sexuality

The Zimbabwean society aims to unite all Zimbabweans on campus through various activities and also aims to make people aware of their culture.

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