Vividus Ladies came second with their Pearl Harbour theme, while Magrietjie’s evil queens came third.

In the men’s category, Sonop’s mafiosos came first overall. Their mock gun fight and props, like a black body bag that they dragged onto stage, were a clever touch to their performance.

In second place was Mopanie’s Mops Barber Shop, while Vividus Men’s dapper waiters came third.

Maritza Lubbe, the chairperson of STUKU, said that the standard of this year’s performances was high.

“We saw new stars rise in the competition that were not always so prominent in the past and the day houses can be very proud of what they presented,” says Lubbe.

Commenting on Tuks’s chances of winning Serenade at the national competition, which will take place in Potchefstroom on 31 August, Lubbe says she completely trusts the decision the judges made and believes they selected the groups that will best represent Tuks at nationals.

“With a little bit of refining, I think our teams stand a good chance of walking away with the title, however this will definitely not be easy,” says Lubbe.

Category winners

Men’s best theme: Taaibos
Ladies’ best theme: Madelief

Men’s best own composition:
1. Sonop
2. Mopanie
3. Vividus Men

Women’s best own composition:
1. Madelief
2. Curlitzia
3. Erika

Men’s best prescribed song:
1. Vividus Men
2. Mopanie
3. Sonop

Ladies’ best prescribed song:
1. Curlitzia
2. Madelief
3. Magrietjie

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