The Tuks Ladies Party Fest came to a close on 18 October with the high school themed Grand Finale Party at Ty’s Night Club in Menlyn. Reigning champions Curlitzia retained their title while Klaradyn and Lilium shared first prize in the new dance off competition.

The final five residences (Curlitzia, Katjiepiering, Klaradyn, Lilium and Magrietjie) had their last chance to gain some points and have some fun before the winners were announced. The residences were given a chance to relax as party-goers – clad in pencil-skirts, collared shirts and ties – were treated to their own sexy dance while points were counted for the final score.

The new dance competition results were out first and R6000 prize money up for grabs to the winner. Magrietjie claimed third place, while Curlitzia came in at second. It was decided that there was no clear winner and the prize was shared between Klaradyn and Lilium. In the overall competition, Lilium were granted third place, with a prize of R2000. Second place was awarded to Klaradyn, taking home R4000. The title of Tuks Ladies Party Fest went to Curlitzia, winning a massive R10 000.

“It’s quite satisfying [to win] since we are traditionally seen as an academic res. I hope it changes people’s perception of a medical residence,” said Curlitzia Chairperson, Mignon du Toit. When asked about the prize money, Du Toit claimed, “We will use some of it to try win again next year and invest a large deal of it into social aspects of res. However, we might use it to decorate our newly built study centre.” It seems even after winning Party Fest, we can’t keep them away from the books. But seeing that these girls will be operating on us in the future, perhaps that is not such a bad thing after all.

Photos: Esther van Eeden


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