Speaking about the initiative, Moloto said, “We as DASO are part of this initiative as a political party and we are hoping that the EFF-UP, Sasco, and AfriForum will also be able to be part of this initiative in their capacity as political organisations because we are trying to show that we can unify in our diversity”. Moloto further added that another goal of the initiative was to unify the student body, fostering the idea that “when one student is sleeping in the library, we have all failed as a community.” According to Moloto, other political parties have not yet officially joined, although EFFSC-UP and PASMA assisted in distributing pamphlets to students.

“UP has also shown some interest in the initiative; some lecturers have sent out information about the Ubuntu boxes […] the [Director of Facilities Management, Prof. Susan Adendorff] expressed interest to send through our proposals to UP Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof. de la Rey to hopefully have a project the university endorses,” said Moloto.


Image: DASO UP Facebook page.

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