The December Streets is a local indie rock band with just a dash of reggae. Tuks students Tristan Coetzee (vocals and guitar), Gideon Meyer (bass guitar), Nico van Loggerenberg (lead guitar), Corneil Clasen (drummer) and Waldo Boshoff (trumpet) come together to create a unique but radio-friendly sound that has earned them a place on mainstream radio playlists with their hit track “My Name”.

Their debut EP consists of six tracks which is only disappointing because listening to the album leaves you wanting more. A lot more. Their music is accessible enough to reach a large audience and has a summer/beach vibe throughout. But their music offers listeners more than a musical representation of this lifestyle. The lyrical subject matter has undertones of a slightly darker nature but the upbeat tempo manages to afford a playful lightness to the overall product with tracks such as “Dance with somebody” and “News”.

The songs on the EP differ from one another whilst still retaining a unity of sound. It is clear that the band is still experimenting with different sounds and structures but that is what makes the December Streets all the more intriguing. Altogether, it’s a crowd-pleaser. The December Streets basically advocate piracy of their music, so go for it and give it a listen.

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