The book aims to educate and inform the reader on different myths that exist in the country’s democracy. Some of the myths that Mpofu-Walsh tries to debunk are that free education is unachievable, land reform threatens stability, South Africa has a free media, elite schools benefit society and living conditions are steadily improving. The album is a mirror of the book, with each song relating to a specific chapter in the book. According to Mpofu-Walsh, national politics and policies always find their way into university politics. “Service delivery, the transport you use to get to university, the place where you study to try and get your grades, land, how much money you have during your studies, all of it comes down to government policies”, said Mpofu-Walsh. During Mpofu- Walsh’s presentation he highlighted how free education is achievable and mentioned the different strategies that could be used to implement it. As an activist and one of the participants in the Rhodes Must Fall movement he is not new to the spotlight. He highlighted at his book launch that the project is “getting him in trouble” because of how it raises difficult socio-political questions. Sizwe uses his platform to highlight socioeconomic injustices that exist in our society. His book forces the reader to question the inequality in South Africa and the legitimacy of the country’s democracy.


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