Two Belgian entrepreneurs have come up with a nifty, pocket-sized trumpet called a diabolica. David dos Santos (31) and Fabio Lavalle (26) hope that the diabolica can become a symbol of the World Cup much like the vuvuzelas did in 2010. The plastic diabolica can be bought in the colours of most of the countries taking part in Brazil and it can be compacted from its 30-centimetre length to fit into your pocket. The diabolica produces approximately 98 decibels of sound similar to a gas horn, which is much softer than the sound a vuvuzela makes. It will retail for approximately nine euros.

Dos Santos and Lavalle have been receiving orders from all over the world and hope to sell one million diabolicas before the start of the World Cup. “It’s ambitious but I think we can get there,” Lavalle said.

About 15 000 of the little trumpets are produced daily in a Madrid factory, after which they are transported to the Belgian city of Mons where they are decorated and sold.

The entrepreneurs desperately want to avoid criticism and insist that their product will not cause a disruption of any kind during the matches. Their aim was not to replace the vuvuzela, they say. “Everybody hated the vuvuzela,” said Lavalle. Instead, they decided to compensate for the gas canister being banned after a friend of Dos Santos was not allowed to take his horn with a gas canister into a stadium.

The young inventors are confident of the product after meeting Portuguese star forward Cristiano Ronaldo at a charity match earlier this year to test the diabolica. “He did not want to give it back,” joked Dos Santos.



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