You will be performing at Liefde by die Dam soon. What are your expectations for your set?

We are going to do tracks off all four our albums. Expect the hits and some personal [favourites].


Which song does the band most enjoy playing live?



What can fans expect from your performance at the event?

Party, dance, fun [and] boogie.


Pierre Greeff recently collaborated with Loki Rothman on the track “My kamer”, an Amanda Strydom track. How has it been received?

[It is] absolutely one of [our favourite] Afrikaans songs of all time, in a different light. [The] response has been great, and [it was a] pleasure working with the talented Loki.


Why the decision to keep the accompanying video for “My kamer” more toned-down?

We wanted the live feel, as the production is really sparse so the song can shine, no tricks.


The band has been touring all over the country lately. What has been your favourite show so far this year?

This year we had a great intimate show in a barn outside a small town called Standerton. What a great crowd, always nice to get off the beaten track of the metropoles!


Image: Jaco S. Venter


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