What has your favourite performance been thus far?

Each performance is different and we enjoy small and big shows. It is always special to play at music festivals because it starts to feel like a family. Each festival has its own characters and we love being part of that. Oppikoppi is always fun because of the size and the craziness, but we also enjoy Mieliepop because people are really there to listen to the music. The laid back atmosphere is also great.


What can fans expect from your upcoming Mieliepop performance?

We will be playing old favourites but will also be testing out some new material. We like to play off our audience and the Mieliepop audience is always very supportive. We always try to bring something new to each performance. We really enjoy playing live [shows] and [we] hope it comes across to the audience.


There are large gaps between your album releases. Are you particularly frustrated by any part of the recording process?

We record very organically and sometimes that can take long. We would rather wait to release the album until we are sure about the sound. Everyone is also busy with other projects and we need to schedule around that. With Die See we have the freedom to experiment. We like to layer our sound and that also takes time.


What is your favourite song to play live, and why?

It really depends on the mood. “Gordelroos” is always great because of the crazy vocals that really showcase Henry’s [Cadle Ferreira, lead singer] voice.


Has the fact that you each make music with other artists outside of Die See influenced your sound in any way?

Definitely. We are all very privileged to work with other amazing artists and we each bring these experiences to the band. The different influences make Die See’s music rich. It is difficult to classify the music because of all the different influences. We also listen to [a] wide variety of genres, from metal to country to classical, and it is fun to be able to bring all this to Die See. We can also take some of Die See to the other projects and [this] makes for interesting musicians. We wouldn’t want to commit to one genre or project.


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