Toni’s Pizza
This eatery serves delicious pizza and pasta with the most interesting flavour combinations. The outside ambiance at this pizzeria is relaxed and quaint décor adds to the romance. It is the perfect dinner spot for couples who want to have a meal before watching a play at the Brooklyn Theatre.


Papa’s Real Food
Situated inside Duncan Yard, Papa’s provides one of the most intimate dining experiences Pretoria has to offer. Candle lit tables, beautiful trees wrapped in fairy lights and softly played alternative music create a truly unique environment. The food and drinks are affordable which will leave you, your partner and your wallet in a good mood.


Lepis Dore

This French bakery and bistro is surrounded by olive trees and lavender bushes for those couples who want to escape to a little romantic corner of France. Breads, croissants, cakes and pastries are baked on a daily basis and perfectly accompany their selection of coffees.


De Kloof Restaurant
If you are prepared to spend a little bit more money on your loved one, then De Kloof is worth every cent. Voted as the best restaurant in 2013 by the Restaurant Association of South Africa, the staff at De Kloof work tirelessly to ensure the best food and wines come straight to your table. The night-time view from the balcony which overlooks the horizon towards Johannesburg is breath-taking.


Illustration: Johann van Tonder

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