“Fat boy” is a contemporary take on swing music which combines the cello and violin sounds from that era with modern-day production, making swing accessible to today’s urban youth. The track “Lost” boasts production that creates the feeling of being lost in reality. 

“Same girl” is a thought-provoking song that explores the thoughts of an individual who wonders why her opinions on the world when she was younger changed as she got older. The track relies on the piano, violin and cello to provide the tone, making it a melodic, beautiful standout on the album.
The album does suffer from inconsistencies that prevent it from being a completely successful album. Tracks like “Luanda” and “Baby mama drama” do not take full advantage of the genres they are supposed represent, while others like “Uyabizwa” and “Don’t really care” do very little to keep the listener’s attention.
Disclosure highlights CODA Africa’s versatility, as well as the fact that the group consists of talented individuals who are able to come together to create an anthology of diverse and interesting tracks. The album also shows that they are better suited for some genres than others and that they have yet to find their signature sound in this myriad of varied tracks.

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