Dregeana Deputy Chairperson and Internal Affairs member Ben Ainsworth explained that several campaigns were done this year in order to change external perceptions. Some of these include painting the wall (Grafitti wall), articles released about Vividus Men and the relocation of its offices, and an interview on TuksFM.

The rebranding consisted of a name change, as well as changing the day house’s official logo. Kahlau explained that the new name “Dregeana” was one of the three options provided. “Three new names were presented to us, Adansonia, Searsia and Dregeana, and finally a vote was taken in which Dregeana was chosen,” said Kahlau. “Vividus is a Latin term and we wanted to keep the Latin origin, and therefore, all three name suggestions were Latin names of indigenous South African trees,” added Kahlau. Dregeana is the Latin name of the Natal Forest Mahogany, also known as the Thunder Tree. “The new name thus links with our ‘Sons of Thunder’ slogan, which [is what] our first years are called,” he said.

Ainsworth explained that “We don’t want to lose what we have built over the years but we want to show people that we have changed”, adding that “This is the next chapter in our history, focusing on inclusivity and making the day house a place where everyone has a sense of belonging.”

Kahlau added that the focus for the coming year will be on publicising the rebranding of the day house.


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