This was followed by a fairly underwhelming presentation from EA, which opened with a short trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which, according to developer Bioware, is still years away. A short gameplay trailer for the new Need for Speed was also shown off. EA unveiled a new IP called Unravel, a platform game with distinct charm and unique gameplay mechanics which was one of the highlights of their presentation. Developer Dice revealed more information about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the sequel to cult hit Mirror’s Edge. EA also showed off the latest iterations of their annual sports games FIFA and Madden NFL, even bringing out football legend Pelé for a quick chat. They closed off with gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront.

Sony brought more excitement , showing new footage of PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last Guardian, which was rumoured to have been cancelled. Shenmue 3 was finally announced and will come to the PS4 thanks to Kickstarter. A remake of Final Fantasy 7 was also announced for the PS4. A new IP was revealed called Horizon: Zero Dawn, and is exclusive to the PS4. Gameplay footage from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was also shown.

Square Enix revealed a new Hitman game, more footage of Rise of the Tomb Raider, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Just Cause 3, whileUbisoft revealed a new South Park game titled The Fractured But Whole,  new IP called For Honor, more footage of The Division, Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. They ended with gameplay of a new game called Ghost Recon: Wildlands.
Lastly, Nintendo, known for their charming presentations, showed their 2015 highlights. However,, they lacked substance, which disappointed attendees. The presentation focused too much on sparse titles, such as Yoshi’s Woolly World and Mario Maker. The announcement of Metroid Prime: Federation was received with overwhelming backlash from fans, causing a petition for the game’s cancellation to appear online. Not all was negative however, as fans got their first look at the new Star Fox game, Star Fox Zero.

Overall, the expo featured many promising titles to look out for in the near future, proving once more why E3 is so popular worldwide.


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