Zemara Restaurant

Zemara Restaurant in Arcadia serves food from across Africa. Southern African foods like tripe and boerewors feature next to Congolese Saka Saka (Cassava leaves with dried fish) and Gabonese favourites like chicken and palm nuts. With a slightly more formal setting, the restaurant caters to dinner guests who wouldn’t mind trying different meats, such as antelope and goat. If they don’t have your favourite African meal, they are more than happy to consider your request if you call in early with a special order.



Situated at Eastwood Village, Hombaze not only specialises in West African food but also has a range of foods from across Africa on offer. The restaurant is a family-style restaurant with a casual atmosphere and the aromas of a West African kitchen. Try one of their pepper soups with a traditional main of eba (a dough-like meal made from cassava flour) with Ogbono soup and a meat of your choice. If you would like something more ordinary, Hombaze also serves hamburgers and popular steaks and grills.


Kitoko Kitchen

Everything on Kitoko Kitchen’s menu is traditional with a choice of meats and fish, like slow roasted goat’s meat in banana leaves or a caterpillar and dried mushroom hotpot. They also have vegan dishes like sweet potato leaves with wild aubergine or okra and dried fish soup. A take-away restaurant in the Pretoria CBD, this restaurant also features at Market @ the Sheds on the last Saturday of every month.


Photo: Lana Mathews


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