It has been a busy year for the band performance-wise. Any personal highlights?
[We] don’t know if it’s just because we get easily excited, but every festival and club show we played this year was a highlight. Festivals are always just the best things in the whole wide world and everyone who attended our club shows this year always seemed to go balls-to-the-wall, and when people go wild it gets us excited.

Can fans expect any singles or videos in the near future?
Heck yes. We have just released our single “Let’s fall in love some more” and it has a music video that came with it. Our singer Nicholas [Preen] directed it and it’s a lot of fun. You can have a squiz on YouTube, if you want.

How did the band experience the recording process for the mini-LP?
It was an absolute dream. We worked with Francois de Klerk, who is one of the best local producers north of the south pole. We were so in love with him we flew him down so he could work with us at Digital Forest Studios while we recorded the LP. He just knows what a woman wants, and we are that woman.

Your LP is called Experience the Al Bairre show with Al Bairre experience. Why this interesting title?
With this mini-LP we wanted to create a formal invite for everyone in the whole wide world to experience The Al Bairre Show with us, Al Bairre. It’s a real experience. Also the name just rolled off the tongue nicely, so we thought, “Yes.”


Photo: Sam Wells

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