You are finally liberated from the constraints of high school and the repugnant uniforms that went with it. University gives you a chance to express your inner fashionista. But don’t be fooled. As with all social institutions, there is an underlying code when it comes to attire. Erase the image of the KFC ad from your mind that says students have matted fur and unkempt clothes. As a Tuks student, it is important that you avoid these common crimes of fashion:

Stilettos – Undeniably the biggest crime in fashion at Tuks. Every year, new students are warned not to wear stilettos to class. They are impractical for our large campus and will make you look superficial and stupid.

All over animal print – Animal print almost always comes back in style, so purchasing a leopard or zebra print piece isn’t, in itself, a terrible idea. However, it’s when you overdo this trend that the horror begins. If you go over the top, everyone will think you’re a pimp or a Pussycat Doll. Remember, a little bit of animal print goes a long way. If you do choose to wear a piece with print, make sure it’s only one item of your outfit: only your bag or shoes for example.

Crocs – Crocs are for the beach or for small children. They do have cool antibacterial and slip-resistant properties going for them, but even their website admits that Crocs were originally intended as a “boating/outdoor shoe”. Face it, Crocs are not for campus.

Uggs – Uggs are just glorified slippers. No matter how cold it is outside, or how sick you are, or how hungover you feel, don’t come traipsing onto campus wearing Uggs. And don’t even think about showing them off by tucking your jeans into them, or worse, pairing them with a mini skirt. Want boots? Give leather boots a go, but make sure they aren’t heeled. Not only are flat boots much more comfortable, they’re also in style and classic – so they’ll last you more than one fashion cycle. And they transcend seasons: wear them with tights or bare legs, and with dresses or pants.

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