Another young speaker was Unisa student Keegan Longueira. Longueira cycled the length of Africa on his mountain bike, completing the 10 520 km distance from Cairo to Cape Town. He described the most memorable part of his trip in the country of Sudan and Ethiopia, and, despite having to overcome challenging conditions, said, “I remember setting up tent in the middle of a desert one night. I looked around and found myself beneath stars that stretched from horizon to horizon. I felt freedom in being completely alone.” Longueira was able to set a world record by completing the journey in 59 days.

Feat speakers were not limited by age, however, and ranged from children in the Feat Kids section of the event to 62-year-old Tim Biggs. Biggs shared his adventures as the only man to have kayaked the three main tributaries of the Amazon River, a quest which got underway on the Urubamba River (1981), continued on the Apurimac River (1985), and concluded on the Marañón River (2004). When asked about pursuing a life of narrow escapes, he said, “When things get tough, I just do one rapid at a time. They told me life begins at 40, and I thought maybe it was true. Then they told me that life begins at 50, and I considered that too. But I know, without a doubt, that life begins at 60.”

Second-year medical student Shannon Brit spoke to Perdeby afterwards, saying, “Feat spoke into my life tonight. It encouraged me [to] realise my adventurous ambitions instead of allowing them to remain as dormant dreams. I loved that the speakers tonight are ordinary people, just like I am.”


Image by Bernie Theron

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