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The evolution of writing on the internet

Over the last two decades, the internet has had an incredibly influential role in the writing and literary community. From the days of Tumblr blogging and Wattpad fanfiction, to the current popularity of BookTok, the literary landscape is...

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Literature and the queer community

The queer community is a group that is often underrepresented in many industries. However, the importance of the community in the literary industry should not go unnoticed. Literature, in many ways, has laid the foundation for a world...

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10 books to read while in university

Literature allows you to expand your horizons, build critical thinking skills, and address human nature and the human condition. It is because of this that literature plays such a big role in our development. Here are ten books to read...

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The Pretoria book thrifting guide

Everyone with a passion for literature knows exactly how expensive it can be to buy new books. Aside from the expense, buying new books is also not the most environmentally friendly pastime. The Guardian reported that a study “of the US...

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Found in translation

Literature is a door into different worlds, and to read is to step into different selves. The importance of literature cannot be understated. Not only does it allow one to explore different perspectives, cultures, and places; it is also a...

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Thrifting can be problematic

Recently, more attention has been drawn to the fast fashion industry and its lack of respect for basic human rights and the environment. This has led to many people, including students, turning to thrifting as a more environmentally...

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Meme-orable moments

Over the past year, the news has been dominated by bad news, from devastating updates about the global pandemic, to hate crimes. However, every now and again, a headline is just absurd enough to find itself commemorated as a meme on...

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Tales of a 2021 graduation

The Autumn Graduations took place from 13 April to 7 May, where a total of 31 virtual graduation ceremonies were conducted. 11400 qualifications were awarded during the Autumn Graduation season, 198 of which were doctorates and 1289...

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Toxic productivity and student culture

Toxic productivity, as Huffpost defines it, is the “unhealthy desire to be productive at all times, at all costs”. It is not hard to understand why this phenomenon is so prevalent among university students. Students are expected to push...

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