Despite Fego’s closure, their lease officially ends on 10 November, and until then a new coffee shop titled Cream & Sugar Kitchen Café will operate. Cream & Sugar Kitchen Café is a new brand that Kuiper and Minaar are currently developing which they hope will “[take] your everyday coffee shop to the next level”. They hope to bring this “new concept to the University of Pretoria in full force”. Cream & Sugar Kitchen Café will serve as a continuation of Fego, however “under the C & S [Cream and Sugar] brand and not under the Fego brand”, adds Kuiper and Minaar.

The closure of Fego has disappointed customers. Shaun Nortje, a third-year psychology student,  said that he is disappointed about the closure of Fego as it is a quality eating place that offers the best food on campus, although the food can be pricey. Another student, first-year LLB student Faith Makgoba, said, “I am very unhappy with the shop [Fego] closing down. In winter it was the best shop ever. When I needed coffee it was there for me and when it is hot like right now, I need a milkshake. It [Fego] closing down is very sad and I would really request for it to be re-opened somewhere on campus, it should not be totally eradicated from the University of Pretoria.”
As for whether Fego will be re-opened, Kuiper and Minaar believe that one should “never say never”. They said, “We do hope to have the opportunity to bring the same service and an even better product offering back to the university campus very soon under our new concept brand: Cream & Sugar Kitchen Café.”

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