According to the press release, approximately 50% of women who choose to undergo an abortion, choose facilities that are not up to standard and are potentially dangerous. It also states, “False beliefs on abortion are not up to date with current science, and create many barriers, which are preventing women from accessing safe services. Besides suffering from all sorts of stigmas, women in need of abortion procedures fear any mistaken consequences. They often decide to opt for the back door consisting of illegal and unsafe providers with unrealistic promises of efficacy and secrecy.”

According to an article titled “Abortion: Let’s bring the “must-not-be-named” of reproductive health out of the darkness”, published on safe2choose’s website, there are a lot of myths and stigmas attached to abortions. The article reads, “Busting the myths about abortion and increasing access to reliable information is essential in order to alleviate the stigma and reveal how easy, common and safe the procedure actually is. Women need to feel secure and supported in order to seek safe and legal providers who will reassure them and make them feel welcome. To address this issue, safe2choose and Fem are jointly launching a campaign to reveal the truth behind abortion myths. We hope to reach out to as many women as possible and oppose fake statements that are pushing women to opt for backdoor abortions.”

“We want to let women know that they are not alone, that there is whole community of women supporting them. We will listen and take care of you without conditions”, the press release concludes.


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