Oosthuizen speaking to Perdeby said that working alone “had its challenges, especially when you reach roadblocks. But a lot of late nights later, it’s done”.  He said that although the competition was tough and that there were more participants and finishers this year he was happy.

Professor Tania Hanekom, founder of the event and lecturer for the third-year Microcontroller EMK310 module for the past eight years, hoped that the competition would foster an appreciation for the complexities of the design and implementation of these engineering systems.

Hanekom, speaking about the race this year, said it was fantastic as last year they had many interruptions in third part of the semester. Speaking about the winning one-man team, she said “It’s incredible actually, because we put the students in teams to put them through a project that would be similar in scope to their final year project, but with the support of other students”. Although students have entered the competition solo, no one has ever won by themselves. Overall, she praised the groups this year as this year’s race saw the highest number of participants doing well in a more challenging competition. .

The event had a total of 13 sponsors who provided R45 000 in total prize money. One of the sponsors, RS Components, provided this year’s new gantry system which made the competition more challenging.


 Photo: Shaun Sprole

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