“We will withdraw the national colours to any federation who [is] hell-bent on the current set-up and status quo,” said Mbalula.

The Department of Sport and Recreation has also said that it would block sponsorship for any sport association that is unwilling to accept the new plans for transformation, while bidding for and hosting sports events would become illegal without government approval.

Mbalula said the department decided that the 60% requirements would be implemented immediately. “The Minmec (ministers and MECs) recommended that it must happen right away. We are going to engage and inform rugby and all the other sporting codes that this is something that has got to happen,” said Mbalula.

“We will demand development plans from the South African Rugby Union, South African Football Association, Cricket South Africa, Athletics South Africa and Netball South Africa as a matter of urgency and with immediate effect,” he added.

Mbalula has been heavily criticised for the statements he has made, with Freedom Front Plus spokesperson Anton Alberts leading the onslaught. “The arrogance and ignorance which appear from the proposals are astonishing,” said Alberts.

He added that, “Where sport was used, starting with the first Rugby World Cup in 1995 until the last Soccer World Cup in South Africa in 2010, to promote nation building, it is now being used to cause division and racial alienation.”

Bizhub Highveld Lions cricket coach Geoffrey Toyana welcomes the new quota system. “We are going in the right direction at CSA, but if there is a quota it could help. We have been through the days of black batsmen coming in at No 8, 9 10 and 11, and black bowlers who bat at No 9 and don’t bowl,” Toyana said.

“This doesn’t make sense. Transformation is about giving players quality opportunities. We’ve done that at the Lions and the players haven’t disgraced themselves. I’ll be happy if something like this happens. I would support it,” Toyana reaffirmed.

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