Fire Through the Window has embarked on a dual EP release. The first EP, Live Long, will be followed by Prosper later in the year. Perdeby caught up with the band from Durban to talk about delays, the new single “Long Gone” and spandex.


You guys have been nominated in the Best Hipster category for the MK Awards for “Succubus”. In one sentence, try and convince our readers why you should win.

Sinead wore spandex in the video. I mean, come on!

What did you think of being nominated in the Best Hipster category? Do you think the label “hipster” really fits Fire Through The Window?

Hipster is such a strange category for us. We certainly don’t think of ourselves like that. In fact, we’re probably the furthest thing form hipster. I guess maybe MK has a different meaning of the word but where we’re from, that’s kinda a negative thing to be. That being said, it’s still real nice to be nominated for anything. We’ve been in this industry for five years now and have put out three albums and an upcoming EP so a little bit of validation for all that work is great.

You guys have succeeded in making radio-friendly pop that isn’t the least bit annoying. What do you think the secret to your success is?

[Laughs] Thanks, that is nice to know. I don’t think we have a particular secret. We write what feels good at the time. Our writing process is a very spontaneous one and we think that works best for us.

Why has the release of the EP been delayed until 30 March?

We’re working with an international label called Do It Records, who have offices in the USA and New Zealand. We’re coordinating the release with them.

What’s the reasoning behind releasing your new EP in two parts?

We just figured, why not? It’s at least something different. I think it’s been great so far [as] we’ve been able to give each and every song our full attention. We booted the ones we weren’t 100% crazy about – that was pretty fulfilling.

You’ve said that your new album is a little less happy and a little more edgy. Was it a conscious decision to steer your music in a bit of a different direction?

No. As I said, we write very spontaneously. We don’t ever set out with a sound in mind. I guess the new sound comes from working with a group of new people, from producers to mastering companies etc.

You worked with producer Jacques du Plessis on Live Long. Do you think you’ll work with him again on the second EP, Prosper, which will be released later this year?

Definitely. Jacques is awesome and super talented. He makes you feel very comfortable in the studio. He is willing to spend time getting the sound just right. He’s incredibly patient. And he also has the best collection of PJ pants!

How was it working with Louis Minaar on your new video for “Long Gone”? Did you have a lot of input or did you give Louis complete creative control?

We are usually quite hands-on when it comes to making music videos (mainly to save some cash) but working with Louis is something we’ve always wanted to do. We gave him full creative freedom and I can honestly say that it was the best video-making experience ever. To see his imagination come to life through the process was awesome. He’s a very talented boy. Plus, it was nice not having to stress for a change. He even organised us early-morning on-set breakfast. What more can you ask for?

Your drummer, Sheldon, has been sessioning in Cape Town as of last year. How have you managed without him?

It’s been okay. It sucks more that we don’t see him that much because he was a good friend, not just our drummer. He is still playing the Cape Town shows with us, though, but for the Johannesburg and Pretoria shows we are lucky to have Gavin from Wrestlerish step in behind the kit.

You guys all have day jobs. Do you think you would ever give it all up and become full-time musicians?

Isn’t that the dream? Ha! No, we’d need to get a hell of a lot more commercials to do that.

Marc and Keagan, you guys have recently started a new band called Anchors Up. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Anchors Up is a country project I started with our bassist Keagan, Jacques and Gavin from Wrestlerish, and my friend Ruan. I know country isn’t exactly a common genre here in SA but I absolutely love the honesty and realism of the music. And, to be clear, it’s good country, not Garth Brooks or Shania Twain or something like that. We have recorded a ten-track album and have just put out our first single and video so have a listen for yourself at

You guys are from Durban. What’s the best thing about touring in Gauteng?

Sinead would probably say shopping in Sandton. No, but really, the gigs are always great in Johannesburg. And the Pretoria crowds are always amped to party. We’ve made tons of friends in Gauteng and it’s always nice to see familiar faces at the shows, along with a host of unfamiliar ones. That’s a good balance.

Photo: Kevin Goss-Ross


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