Find your spot on campus. Hatfield campus is beautiful and filled with so many secret spots just waiting to be found. Go to campus on a Saturday, when there are not many people around, and thoroughly explore campus.

Attend at least one lunch hour concert. Take your lunch to the Musaion on Thursdays at 12:30 for free entertainment. A wide variety of UP and non-UP performers mesmerize crowds at these Leo Haese lunch hour concerts.

Support or take part in Serrie and Serenade. Serrie involves singing and synchronized dancing while Serenade is an acapella singing competition. Taking part in these events allow you to get to know more people. If you lack rhythm and talent in the singing department you can always support these events. Supporting Serrie and Serenade is just as important as taking part. Serrie and Serenade are held in May and August respectively.

Be a tourist for a day. Drive down Stanza Bopape Street one of the longest and straightest urban streets in the world, formerly known as Church Street. Put on comfortable shoes and go seek out the best views at the Voortrekker Monument. End your tourist day with a picnic at the Union Buildings.

Go to the Lentedag concert. Lentedag brings together a wide variety of artists such as Matthew Mole and Bok Van Blerk to entertain you on your day off. Remember to get a ticket well in advance as this event tends to be sold out on the day.

Stay out all night just for an Uncle Faouzi’s burger at 03:00. After a night spent drinking jam jars at Jolly Roger, dancing on tables at Aandklas, or even spending the night cramming in the Student Center, there is nothing more comforting than a hot meal from Uncle Faouzi’s.

Most importantly, push your boundaries. Enjoy your newfound freedom and try to experience as many new things as possible.


Photo: Lerato Mokoka

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