Varsity Bakery

This bakery on Lynnwood road, opposite Huis Maroela, has been part of the UP student experience for generations. For around only R40 Varsity Bakery’s burgers are some of the best that you can get on a student budget. You can also try their bunny chows and some imported sodas like Dr Pepper for something different.

+27 Café

Secluded inside South on Duncan on the corner of South and Jan Shoba, +27 Café is perfect for taking someone for a quiet night out. The atmosphere is quite laid back with regular jazz performances and great food at affordable prices. Try their Famous Potato Salad for a refreshing twist on an old classic. The café is situated right next to Big Al’s, another notable mention that makes affordable burgers.


If you want to indulge, Yamazaki at Waterkloof Corner is only a short drive from campus. For only R149 they offer an “all you can eat” sushi buffet. Don’t waste your time sitting at the sushi bar though, Yamazaki will allow you to order the sushi that you want from the menu, including any of the starters, to eat until you can’t anymore. If you are not that hungry, they have a wide selection of freshly made Chinese, Japanese and Thai food.

Golden Butterfly

This is another Asian restaurant next to Roman’s Pizza on Burnett Street. They’ve attached low prices to large portions of food, making it perfect for student budgets. Keep a lookout for their regular “buy one, get one free” specials.


 Photo: Kaylyn O’Brien

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