Was there anything special about the recording process for the album?

We were very hands-on, working at a recording studio in a beautiful Stellenbosch valley. We handled the production ourselves.

 “Pluto”, your collaboration single with DJ Clock, was at no. 1 on the South African charts for quite a number of weeks. Was it an adjustment for the band to cross over from pop to house, even if only for this one song?

No, we had been house fans for ages. That’s how the collaboration came about, because we really wanted to meet DJ Clock who was an icon for us. Making people dance has been important to us for a while now.

Does the band’s respective formal music education carry over into the more pop-influenced music you make?

Robin: Yes, all experiences affect your present and future self.

Matthew: Yes and no. Yes because our musical palette is a bit more diverse and organised for having studied and we are able to draw on knowledge that has been converted into what feels like intuition, [and] no because we don’t often consciously employ anything we learned and we don’t make “formal music”, at least not yet.

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