What are you most looking forward to with being a part of the group this time round?

Hanging out! Couple of beers. [I’m] looking forward to doing Led Zeppelin with Zolani.


What have been the most interesting challenges from joining the group?

Learning all the songs. Maybe I’ll turn up my guitar’s volume this time around.


What has been your favourite part of collaborating with so many different artists?

I just love the chats. Lots of good old fashioned trash-talk. The song-writing is always fun too, though.


What does the Vrede Foundation’s cause mean to you?

It keeps the memory of a good friend lost alive for me. From my side, it’s a loyalty thing. The foundation does great work. It’s awesome to do what we love and then turn that energy into paid medical bills for young cancer sufferers.


What can we expect from Blood Brothers in the future?

Probably some more rock ‘n’ roll.


Photo: Andre Badenhorst

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