Since moving to Johannesburg, have you found the music scene to be different from the scene in Cape Town?
They both have their place in the SA music scene and I love them both equally, though I’ve always said [that] Cape Town is a good place to create your brand. But if you want to take it to the next level professionally, it has to be done in [Johannesburg]. The competition is a bit tough[er] this side. Also, Jozi has a much bigger all round scene, and the numbers are bigger so events have a bigger following than [in] Cape Town, except in the psy-trance industry, of course. [There] Cape Town rules by miles.


You’ve performed overseas before. Has the experience influenced your sound and yourself as an artist?
Most definitely. It’s made me more confident and a bit more professional as an artist, though my sound hasn’t changed much [from] the experience. It was great to see that what I was doing all along was [of] an international standard, with a bit of a South African flavour, of course. [South African artists] are highly respected on the international circuit [and] I’ve just been invited back to Portugal next year for another summer tour, so [I am] definitely doing something right.


You will be playing at the Cool Inc. Tattoo Expo in October. How do you think your set will fit in with the other performances at the expo?
I think it will fit in perfectly. Swing music usually does. They have a very diverse and open-minded crowd, so the sound [will work] very well with other performances.


In relation to that, how do you expect to be received at the expo?
It’s my fifth appearance at the expo, [and] I simply love playing at this event. In the past [my sets] have been awesome with a great crowd so I reckon it’s safe to say I’ll be pretty well received.


What are you looking forward to most at the expo?
I’m very excited to see all the amazing tattoo artists doing their thing, especially because I’m looking for inspiration for my very first tattoo, coming soon. Also, not forgetting the rock star music lineup, which is not to be missed. [It will] definitely be a day out for the family as well.

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