How did you end up taking pictures for the entertainment blog Drop Your Drink?
Well, my sister and I started Drop Your Drink. From the kick-off, we realized that photography is a great way of engaging [with] an audience. After this realization, we both started working harder on our event photography and our photography in general.

You mostly shoot people in places and at events, what other types of pictures are you interested in taking?
I like to see work that surprises me with new and original ideas, and not what is to be expected from myself or the audience.Voyeuristic candid photography is something I quite enjoy despite the fact that it irks my friends sometimes. I enjoy shooting area landmarks too in the form of graffiti murals. I also have a thing for reflective surfaces.

When you are at an event what draws you to capturing a particular person or object?
Understanding what you’re shooting, why you’re shooting it and being able to get people to see exactly what you see. Yes, it’s easy to simply snap away at the headlining DJs and the crazy hormonal couples on the dancefloor but finding decisive moments is what I find most captivating. So to answer the question; it’s all situational really.

How do you decide what you put on your personal photography page?
I base what I post on how I feel when I want to post. It’s a very free decision-making process, almost as spontaneous [as] some of (the majority of) my photography. 

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