How has Curlitzia as a house responded to your win?

It’s been absolutely great. The girls have been travelling with us to Nationals for the past three years so I think that they were just as glad as we [the Serenade group] were. They’ve been waiting for this for a long time so we got a lot of support from the house. They’re completely overwhelmed as well. I’ve been getting thanks from every single person. People are still saying well done.

How did you prepare for the competition?

It’s definitely important to be in the right mindset and mood. We as a group are very close and I think that contributed to our success a lot. I think that contributed a lot as well to us being calm and in the right mindset.

Your theme of car guards is quite unique but relatable. What was your inspiration behind it?

What we decided to go for was something that was familiar to everyone but isn’t as obvious. I think you express a lot of emotion when thinking about car guards because sometimes they irritate you, sometimes you feel sad for them. You can play with all the emotions you feel when thinking about that certain thing. And it was just something fun and all the girls had to step out of their element and be something different.

How do you see the future of Curlitzia’s Serenade?

I think it’s going to keep being prosperous. Well, that’s what I hope for, although I might not be involved in the next years to come. Definitely, I think there’s a good foundation now. We worked hard to get where we are now so there’s a lot of girls who are still going to stay in Serenade next year that can carry on the good stuff we used this year.


Photo: Tahnee Otto

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