Kemsley Rajoo won Sport HK of the year at the annual Residence Prestige evening on 15 October 2015. Perdeby sat down with Sonop’s former sport HK in a quick five minute interview.

What do you believe contributed to your success as sport HK of the year?

Hard work is the most important. Also, putting the right people in charge of the various sport disciplines within the res. You also have to make a lot of sacrifices and I think that is crucial for success.

With you bagging the individual award, Sonop also won sport residence of the year. Do you believe that the two go hand in hand?

I think people can win the awards [separately]. We (Sonop) hadn’t won sport res of the year in ten years. The goal was always to win that and not the individual award.

What advice would you give to other sport HK’s who have the desire to win the same individual award you received for 2014?

Never try please people. Have a vision and stand by it. Don’t compromise your principles, even if they make you unpopular. Never be afraid to make the tough calls, if you have to bench a friend, do it.

Kemsley Rajoo. Image provided.

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