You’re just about to release a full-length album. What inspired the album?

Skating and living in Jozi and Soweto.


Was there anything memorable about the writing and recording processes?

Finding a hip-hop dude, Psykey Train, to come [and] learn how to record a punk band for the first time. We recorded the whole thing in his shack, first take.


How are you hoping listeners respond to the album?

Its gonna be wild. This is Africa after all.


You’re set to play at Oppikoppi this year. What are you doing to prepare for the festival?

[We will be] playing [at] a house party at our home in Soweto with our homies Demogoroth Satanum. We [have] a ramp we built there, so bring your skateboards.


What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Oppikoppi festival?

Playing, bra. We’ve never actually been to Oppi, so let’s see what happens.


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