Are there different teams for women and men?
We do have a men’s and women’s team, with the men having a 2nd team. Everyone trains together so that we all get the most out of a training session as well as allowing everyone to stay social among the club. Each team competes in different levels of the Joburg Summer League and then everyone is combined for the Winter League. This year will be the first time we will try to send two competitive men sides to USSA.


What do you consider to be your favourite aspect of TuksWaterpolo?
My favourite aspect of TuksWaterpolo is the fact that our club is open to anyone. We find that those who want to just come and try out the sport feel at home instantly and basically has everyone around them trying to help coach them, pretty much the best one-on- one coaching a beginner could ask for. We are also a very social group and we try to meet up as much as possible outside of the pool area and, again, we try to get everyone involved as often as possible.


Image: Zanna Linde

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