You have recently been in search of a new bass player. Can we expect to see the new member at Halloween?

The [search] went very well. There were a lot of fantastic bass players that showed some interest, and after a bit of a process we are super happy to welcome Geraint Boje to the band. He will be there in full horror!


“Funky soul” is not the most common genre of music. Do you think your genre is received differently to, for example, an indie or rock band?

At times we are really not sure what to expect from the crowds, but with each show we are realising that people just love a band with passion, so for us it’s been really good.


At your Oppikoppi gig, there was a really cool song done with a guest violinist. Can we expect similar collaborations at your Halloween gig?

We will definitely try to do something cool for Halloween.


Are there any plans to release a new album soon?

Yes, we are currently working on five new tracks, so probably an EP [first] and then some more writing and hopefully an album next year.


You often incorporate covers into your set. How do you choose a cover that will best suit the band?

We cover the songs we really love. It’s a fine balance because we aren’t a cover band, so we need to make sure that we absolutely jam the heck out of it!


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