It kicks off with an acoustic set of the show but things are cranked up a notch in the second half as Fokof deliver an electric performance that only they can. Fans can expect to see bassist Wynand Myburgh running around energetically on stage, inviting you to rock out with the band and sing along with frontman Francois van Coke, all in the comfort of your room.

If you have seen Fokofpolisiekar perform before, the live DVD might not seem like a new experience, except for the fact that you’re not in the same room with them.

Fans also shouldn’t expect  something out of the ordinary as Francois and the gang deliver a fairly predictable Fokofpolisiekar performance, which is probably what they intended. Classic Fokof favourites are on the DVD including “Hemel op die Platteland”, “Brand Suid-Afrika” and “Monoloog in Stereo”.

The last song, the proverbial middle finger to authority that is “Fokofpolisiekar”, is the perfect ending to the DVD.

Nonetheless, when the DVD ends and the screen goes black, you’re left wishing that you can somehow relive the whole experience again. Wait, you can. Just press replay. May the spirit of Fokof rock on forever.

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