The band says their ten-year existence has given Fokofpolisiekar an inside look into the South African music industry and how it has developed.

Bassist Wynand Myburgh told Perdeby that the South African music industry has got bigger and now has a lot more festivals and bands. “The bands are sounding way better than they did ten years ago. There is actually cool local stuff that you can listen to,” he said.

“It might not always seem that way but I think we have [a] better local band scene or industry than places like Belgium or Holland where international bands pass through there all the time and the local guys never really get a chance to get on their feet,” Myburgh added.

Guitarist Hunter Kennedy agreed that more bands are touring now than ten years ago

Fokofpolisiekar has come a long way since they first started out. Van Coke says that in the beginning their biggest challenge was trying to make it financially.

“It was hectic, quite hectic living like that. But I think that created something special. That desperation kind of made us do something cool for the time. I think everything worked out the way it should have,” he said.

Now that they have a decade behind them, do they still think that they are relevant to their audience?

“I don’t know if we were ever really relevant, that’s something that people made up or put on us,” Kennedy said.

Fans anticipating a new Fokofpolisiekar album will be relieved by the band’s covert answers about an upcoming album. Van Coke confirmed that another Fokofpolisiekar album is in the works, but did not say when fans could expect it.

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