With young up-and-comers heading the company, what does Fomo Entertainment have that other entertainment companies don’t? 

Besides the fact that we have representatives whose work speaks volumes for itself and is relevant to the modern age, the fact that we are inexperienced is also an advantage because we can mix traditional and contemporary, [and sometimes] unorthodox methods, to spearhead our operations which places us at an advantage to fully exploit the market.


Fomo Entertainment was formed in mid-2014. What gave you the idea to start the company?

We were sick and tired of our fellow mates always wishing and hoping that they too would be like the likes of Cassper Nyovest, and they felt all they needed was for them to be scouted by top A&R [arts and repertoire] brands, so we wanted to bridge the gap by unearthing top but raw talent. We also wanted to be a multidimensional brand to be reckoned with in the near future because we feel that the entertainment and media industry is integrated.


So far, the company has young musician and MC Thapelo Tshoaedi (Tee P Nerd) and actor, presenter and model Thapelo Maropefela on their books. Are there any other names that may show up in the near future?

There are definitely other names we will be bringing on board, [there are just some] formalities that need to be sorted out. Talent that will elevate Fomo Entertainment belongs at Fomo Entertainment.


The three founding members met in high school. How does the team work together to make the company successful?

I think our understanding of each other has been the driving force behind our steady progress, but having [access to] people who have already been successful in the industry [who are] advising us has also put us a step ahead. Communication becomes better when there is mutual trust and respect.


What does the company aim to do for the people it represents?

Fomo Entertainment is a company which operates in artist management, event planning and management, brand activation and promotions. All our stakeholders are sure to receive work of the highest quality and standard because we are guided by our mission statement which is: when it comes to people, quality shouldn’t be compromised, and [we aim to produce] quality.


 Photo: Shen Scott

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