The news is often disheartening and the world could always do with more love. I’m not an expert but if we build up our treasure by investing in the people around us, that could make all the difference to the individual and the world at large. It could be a stranger or your best friend, but a random act of kindness is one of the best gifts you can give – a little bit of yourself and your time to make another’s life easier or to make them feel more valuable.

Hopefully with enough investment, we can then inspire those around us to pay it forward ,because each individual is valuable and deserves to be treated with kindness. I’m sure you would like to be treated that way too.

Perhaps Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about romantic love, but maybe this year it can be about more than that. I know I appreciate a good conversation with my best friends or a small compliment from a stranger more than all the chocolate and flowers in the world.



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