When Perdeby last spoke to the band, they were signed with Sanctus Gladius Records, but have now moved to Rottweiler Records. “It wasn’t so much about moving away from [our previous record company],” the band says, “but after two years the contract expired and we had received interest from another record label that we were also very attracted to. We are very grateful for what Sanctus Gladius did for us.” The band hopes that their decision to sign with Rottweiler Records will open even more doors for them.

When asked about the release of their next album, Cremationem Jesus Lacrimam, the band says that their sound has developed since the release of their last EP, Blood Soaked Splinter, and that their music has become more expressive. Pearson adds that he hopes “many more people [will be] reached through [the band’s] message and music.”

Pearson also says that the band is “very satisfied with the success of [the] Blood Soaked Splinter EP. We have enjoyed many gigs, meet and greets and ministry opportunities because of it so far. We hope for many more of these things with our upcoming full album.”

Karsten comments that fans were “longing for a full album for quite some time” and that the band hopes to reach a wider audience with their new album’s material.

In the near future, the band would “love to do a countrywide tour to promote the album as much as possible, as well as play at some more local venues [they] haven’t had the opportunity to play at [yet]”. They would also like to release “a long-overdue music video as well as [a] DVD of the making of the album.”


Image: Forfeit Thee Untrue’s Facebook page

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