Mothusi Masibi


My time at Perdeby has been an incredible learning experience. I’ve met some amazing people that I’ll hold near my heart for years to come.

I’ve been exposed to events and opinions that I can only describe as awakening. I’ll miss the newspaper, the people, and most of all my team. I trust that multimedia has been left in the capable hands and I’m confident that they’ll do a fantastic job in growing the section further. Time to venture out into the world and use what I’ve learnt this past year to contribute to a better South Africa. Nothing but love.








Herman Hoogenboezem

Goodbyes are difficult. It’s easy to say the words, but real goodbyes signify endings. They require you to look back on the beginning and take stock of everything that happened since then. My beginning was February 2013, when I applied to Perdeby as a copy editor. One degree and some change later, I’m expected to take stock of what’s happened and wrap it up in a neat little bow. And I can’t. I could talk about the valuable skills I’ve obtained. I could talk about the amazing experiences I’ve had. I could talk about learning to deal with bizarre situations one hour before your deadline after you’ve been sitting in a small office with three other people for seven hours. But I won’t, because I can’t. Wrapping all that up neatly feels like a disservice to the most important moments in my life. So let me talk about the only thing that matters: people. If I had to list the names of everyone I met at Perdeby who I will never forget, you’d get bored because lists of names are boring. What truly breaks my heart about this goodbye is that I have to say goodbye to so many people. People who left before me, people who are staying on. I want to cry when I realise that I won’t be able to work with this exact group of people in these exact circumstances again. But that’s okay. To everyone I worked with at Perdeby: I love you all. Thank you for being absolutely amazing.



Shen Scott

So this is goodbye. Over the past two years at the publication I have seen so much growth in myself and in the office. When I first joined, I had been photographing for less than a couple months. Now after editions and editions of hard work and practice, I honestly consider myself a professional. Perdeby has changed the way I see the world, approach information and engage with others. It has given me a journalistic mind-set and challenged me to be constantly informed. I have made the greatest friends, mentors and connections in my time here and I know that my ties to the paper don’t end with my term. I will cherish these experiences forever. I would like to wish the paper and my team all the best for their future. If you would like to keep up to date with me, I am now part of a student media group called “Documenting the Movement”. Best wishes to you all!



Nikita Mokgware

(Puts on Chris Brown’s Goodbye backtrack). Sigh… readers, we gotta talk. Yeah I know I know it’s just, it’s just…it’s that time of the year alright? Listen. Hey readers, sit down let’s talk. I got a lot to write so I guess I’ll start by, saying that this paper- matter fact this year hasn’t been no walk in the park for us. Haven’t been to class in a minute (yes), Obama’s reign is almost finished, not OK! But I don’t wanna make y’all cry. Tryna be strong like a ride or die, so: I need to let this paper go, time is up and I see the door, wide open and my life is telling me: girl walk out! This paper has done so much for me, how do I move on? But I know I gotta be strong, it’s just so hard because man honestly – there’s never a right time to say goodbye!



Marko Svicevic

When I first joined Perdeby in 2013, I could never have imagined what we would have seen over the last four years at this publication and at UP. From the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, its been one memorable ride. I’m still convinced that everyone who works here needs some debriefing (and maybe a few shots of vodka) after their terms end. After three years of being the Web editor at Perdeby, its finally time to move on to other things. I thank the teams that I have worked with these past few years and especially to this year’s web team: you guys have reached new heights with Perdeby’s online presence. I know I’ll leave you all in good hands under your new web editor and trust that the online section continues to expand as it has. I’ll still be around next year though, so until then, best of luck with everything during these trying times



Chad Johnston

When I started this job I thought it would be easy. Let me tell you now, that it was everything but. I’ve been shot, teargassed, shouted at and much more, but I’ve enjoyed every moment. I never made friends at Perdeby; I became part of a family. Carel and Michal, thank you for being the leadership team that I needed. To my editorial, I love you all in ways that I’ll never be able to express. To my lovely news team, you guys have been phenomenal this year and you’ve really made me proud. To the rest of the Perdeby family, you’ve brought countless blessings to my life. I hope that in 20 years I’ll be able to come back and Perdeby will still be as strong as it is now. Carel, I know you’ll still be there. Thank you Perdeby. It’s been a privilege.



Carli-Ann Furno

I could be slightly biased in the fact that athletics is one of my favourite sports to cover and that I had several opportunities to brush shoulders with UP’s renowned Olympians recently, but if there was any year to be a sports editor for Perdeby, then this year was it. Looking back, in the midst of a challenging year for most universities, my team and I were able to finish the goal we had set out to achieve – to share good news of the people that inspired us, the people that had the courage to pursue their talents. Good news does not always mean victory. There have actually been many lows for UP sport this year and from the likes of Varsity Cup to Varsity Football; we haven’t exactly brought home many titles. But with every one of our articles we managed to reveal a valuable lesson that had been learnt the hard way, a team that stood united despite the disappointment of loss, and a strong message of hope for what is to come next season. Thank you to our sports readers: you encouraged us to fight for quality articles that you’d look for every week on back page. And then a special thanks to my team – may you continue to reveal the good news that you are so passionate about. I will forever be grateful for the way that you kept my love for sport alive.



Huvasan Reddy

When I became a member of the Perdeby editorial I knew that I was going on a journey of learning and growth. I expected to learn new skills, improve my abilities, and begin to engage more in campus life and university culture. While all my expectations were met, I’ve gained so much more over the last year. Colleagues became good friends, who I could learn from and laugh with, team mates who I could rely on, and trust to be there when things weren’t going as planned. Perdeby has become so much more to me than just the publication where I do things. It’s home now, it’s where week after week we put out a publication that we can be proud of. While I will be around next year, I’m really going to miss the friends who are embarking on the next steps of their journeys. The dank memes, the jokes, the intense discussions on social issues, and the way in which somehow, someway, we always found a way to get things done, 2016 Editorial, this year has been amazing.


 …Goodbye from the 2016 editorial

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