The Evil Within follows Sebastian Castellanos who, while investigating a mass murder, is pulled into a nightmarish world by a ghost-like creature known as Ruvik. After he watches his colleagues being killed, Sebastian embarks alone on a quest to find the source of the evil events that have occurred.

In some cases, the world in which the game takes place can change according to the player’s choices. The player needs to help the main character survive by using the objects available to restore health and make weapons.
The game has received solid reviews since its release on 14 October. Many people have praised the concept of the game and its graphics.

While it is quite terrifying, the one-dimensional protagonist and confusing plotline make the game unconvincing. The plot’s lack of coherence and follow-through take away from its fright factor.
The Evil Within is definitely worth a try for hardcore gaming enthusiasts who enjoy a challenge. For infrequent gamers, the game may be slightly more difficult. However, it would be worth looking at for its grotesqueness that is highlighted by its brilliant graphics or just for enjoying the thrill.

The Evil Within is available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

The Evil Within. Image:

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