The exhibition is open to a wide variety of artists, including graphic designers, illustrators, cartoonists, authors and game designers. The diverse assortment of participating artists makes for a wide selection of “games” to be viewed, which range from smart storylines and artworks to outright ridiculous ones.

Some of these concepts include more realistic storylines such as the game Salaryman, where the game’s object is to make it through a nine to five workday, while others, such as Mystic Triangle: Darkness Knight are more myth-oriented. Some concepts are more fantasy-oriented, such as Unexpected Friends that revolves around a boy who befriends a giant who causes earthquakes in his village.

Another interesting concept on display is for a game entitled Children where the plot takes place in a setting where children rule and explore the city streets.

An exhibition such as My Famicase proves that art is constantly evolving and that neither gaming nor art is limited to its set mould.





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