What this says is that gaming no longer belongs to the stereotypical geek anymore. Gaming is everywhere, all the time and everyone can do it. Many of my lunch breaks are spent surrounded by my friends playing Quiz Up on their iPads and I know a few students that enjoy the odd game of DotA during our English lectures.

The gaming industry has seen a growth, unlike pretty much every other entertainment sector, during the financial crisis and it continues to grow every day (see our infographic below). So it seems fitting that Perdeby includes more gaming content on it’s pages, and this is our first effort.

Be sure to check out our interview with Tuks gamers Maryke Kennard who will be compete in national trials later this year and our list of games for every situation, which is perfect for newbies like me.

I learnt a lot about gaming and its intricate cyber and real life community while planning this supplement and it is truly amazing how much is happening in gaming. We have tons of content we couldn’t fit in our supplement so be sure to visit our web page for more articles. I hope this supplement inspires you to pick up a console and embrace the huge world of alternative reality as much as it’s made me start searching for a Fifa tutor.

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