Joining a society is a great way to get a break from your academics. With over 100 societies registered at the university, there is certainly something for everyone.

Pledge a Pad is a student-led society, and a registered non-profit organisation. Their mission is to provide sanitary towels to disadvantaged women and to educate women about the menstrual cycle and the importance of hygiene. They have an office on UP’s Hatfield Campus, Prospect Street, in the Ou Kantoortjie Building, Room 1-6.

Take a Girl Child to Varsity is a society with the aim of getting women to support each other in growing as independent women. They do this through making sure information about different universities, qualifications and financing through university reaches young girls, even in rural areas. They also work to give career guidance to girls, holding tutoring sessions and subject choice seminars and help women who want to go back to university and further their studies. The society says, “We believe that if you nurture a girl child, you grow a nation.”

YES @ Tuks is an economics, statistics and econometrics society that works to connect students with the corporate world though formal and informal events. The society focuses on creating mentorship programmes which garner opportunities and growth for those involved. A society representative said: “We strive to be the preeminent society in creating a bridge betwee n future graduates and the corporate world, through the creation and utilisation of social and economic opportunities.”

Tuks Mind Sports Club is involved in all things concerning competitive console, PC and board gaming. According to their Facebook page this society “creates a healthy competitive gaming scene where players are given the opportunity to further their gaming career or skills, by providing an exclusive experience limited to club members.”

UP & Out is the official lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex student organisation at UP. Their society is a platform where students are encouraged to express themselves freely in a judgement free, safe environment. This society strives to promote peace, love, tolerance and equality.

The Inklings is the University’s literature, drama and art society. They aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of culture, language, literature and the arts on campus. Chairperson Kathleen Godfrey said, “We hold creative writing and art competitions and publish an anthology of poetry, short stories and art at least once a year. This anthology is called Inclinations.” They carry out a list of activities throughout the year ranging from poetry performances to short film productions. Through this the society actively supports literature, creative writing and amateur drama on campus.

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