It’s been made clear several times that the procession will not be out in the streets any time soon. The procession on LC (or the “Rag after party”) might not currently be as good as what it used to be, but it has the potential to be great fun. However, this relies on students to make it good. It relies on people, particularly students, to be invested in Rag, to attend the procession and the activities. I believe we still have Rag because a number of individuals were so invested in the idea of Rag that they fought hard to make sure it was never cancelled. If we show that we are invested too, Rag could once again reach its past potential. Something can’t grow without investment into it, so perhaps it’s time we start taking back Rag for ourselves again, growing it into what we want through our support.

If Rag isn’t your thing, never has been and never will be, we do have content for you this week. Be sure to check out our Sport section for cricket and rugby news, as well as our feature on freedom of speech (pg. 6).

Have a great first week back!


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