Last week Monday marked the launch of the new student Gmail accounts.

UP Management Executive Director, Professor Antonie de Klerk, and Google Technical Program Manager, Ego Obi, shared their thoughts on the significance of the launch and discussed the numerous benefits that the transition has to offer. “It’s always exciting to introduce something new, something that will improve your lives as students and make you more efficient and more productive,” said Prof. de Klerk.

Obi discussed the Google Ambassadors Programme, which enlists motivated students with leadership qualities and an active interest in the student community. In the program, students are exposed to the new technology and help inform the student community of the details regarding the transition. Obi further discussed the versatility of Google technology and the benefits that students will receive from it. “Our programme looks at getting users online and keeping them online by using our Google technology.”

The switch was necessary due to the growing requirements of students for a multifaceted software program that could provide them with the necessary tools to boost academic performance. Every student’s Tuks Gmail account will have the following format: u12345678@tuks.co.za.

The advantages of the Gmail service include an increased data limit of 25GB per person as opposed to the current system’s limit of 50MB. Students will also have access to Google Talk, enabling them to conduct group projects and share information with fellow students and tutors.

Photo: Melissa Kemp

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